Mountainside Water Parks & Recreational Attractions


From technologically advanced mountain coasters and slides, to full-blown indoor and outdoor water parks featuring state-of-the-art attractions, ADG is perfectly positioned to help you turn your mountain into a four-season recreational destination, appealing to a broad demographic.  And only ADG’s method of on-site installation and project management expertise is proven to get you attraction up and running, with a shorter install time, so that you are ready to capture the key revenue generating season.

Ski Mountains

Make The Most Of Your Mountain

Led by a CEO who is a ski resort owner himself, ADG brings over 50 years of experience in design, development and construction to the mountain resort industry. You get a team of experts with firsthand industry knowledge dedicated to creating unique, revenue-generating settings and attractions that are designed to fit into your resort, your brand, and your terrain.

Our designers and engineers provide you with complete turnkey service for every design/build project, whether for a full indoor or outdoor water park, single aquatic attraction, or alpine mountain coaster or slide. No other company has the ability to deliver revenue-generating attractions for mountain resorts in less time, from concept to completion, than ADG.


MountainSidesAlpine Mountain Coasters & Slides

Rated the #1 summer attraction for revenue generation, our Mountainside Coasters and Slides, are designed to operate year round and are built to appeal to families and thrill seekers alike. The only coasters and slides made in the United States, they are specifically designed to fit your topography and blend with your resort setting.  Combine that with our knowledge of track design and construction, and we get you up and running in less time to caputure the key revenue generating summer season.


Jay PeakMountainside Water Parks

Whether looking to develop a full blown indoor or outdoor waterpark, or simply build a smaller scale aquatic attraction, ADG has the experience and products to meet your needs. From bright and colorful indoor and outdoor waterparks, to sophisticated, upscale resort style settings, ADG will work with you to develop the right setting and mix of attractions that fit with your brand, your resort, and your customer.

Camelbeach FlowRider Aquatic Attractions That Make an Impact

ADG’s line of skill-based and family-fun water ride attractions are innovative rides designed to set your resort apart – drawing guests to your property and encouraging repeat visitation.  Award winning rides like the FlowRider and Adventure Lagoon, are compact and can be added to any mountainside resort, either indoors or out, to fill an existing footprint as a stand-alone water attraction, or as part of an overall waterpark build.

Camelback Mountain Waterpark

Unique First-hand Ski & Water Park Industry Expertise

When looking to enhance your mountain resort with innovative attractions proven to make an impact and boost your summer and year round revenue opportunities, only ADG has the experience and expertise, combined with top revenue generating products, to create the mountain resort destination you desire.

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